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Health and welfare

Managing complex health needs

An individual health care plan is developed for each student with complex health needs. The plan supports students with severe asthma, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylaxis and those at risk of an emergency or requiring the administration of specific health care procedures. Please provide the school with the relevent documentation to help complete a health care plan if your child requires one. 


If your child has been diagnosed with an allergy or allergies, it is important that you tell the school as soon as you become aware of it, or if your child's allergy changes. If your child is diagnosed at risk of an anaphylactic reaction an individual health care plan is developed that includes strategies to minimise the risk of a severe allergic reaction.

Infectious diseases

There are many infectious diseases that affect children and young people. Please contact the school immediately if you believe your child has contracted an infectious illness.

Schools and parents should contact their local health network for advice regarding infectious diseases.


NSW Health works in partnership with Wyndham College to offer the vaccines recommended for adolescents by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in a school-based vaccination program. Parent information kits are sent home to parents early in the school year. To consent to vaccination, parents are advised to read all the information provided, complete and sign the consent form and return it to school.


Smoking is not permitted on Precinct grounds. There is a no smoking policy applying on all excursions or any occasion where students are representing the college off campus.


The Precinct employs a private security firm to guard the grounds. Security of classrooms, storerooms and buildings is the responsibility of individual teachers. Classrooms are locked at the conclusion of each lesson. Executive staff have been trained in the use of the alarm system.

Legal Aid

There is a free civil law clinic at High Street Youth Health Service in Harris Park provided by Legal Aid NSW. Please refer to the Legal Aid NSW Law check-up for young people – it’s a guide to assist with identifying if a student or family has any civil law matters and could benefit from seeking legal advice or referral. Contact High Street Youth Health Service on 8860 2500 for further information or to make an appointment.