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Platinum Club (GaT)

What is Platinum Club ?

Platinum Club is a selected stream of apirational and hard working students. Some students are gifted and talented and others are academic leaders in one or more subject areas. 

Platinum Club provides a supportive learning environment and a more intensive curriculum delivery that enriches and extends the students learning.

The focus is on providing mentoring support to students who form part of Platinum Club and have been identified as being highly motivated and academically focused.

Benefits of Platinum Club

The Platinum Year Adviser monitors Platinum students and offers support and guidance to enhance their learning and wellbeing at Wyndham College. Platinum students are given opportunities to participate in academic, enrichment and leadership programs that may lead to early entry and scholarships to university.

Students must apply to be in Platinum Club and are carefully selected by a panel for inclusion in the program. Platinum classes are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about delivering curriculum for fast learners.

Some of the strategies used for differentiation at Wyndham College include accelerated classes, extension classes, enrichment programs, and compacted curriculum. For more information please refer to the Department of Education's gifted and talented policy.

See also the Platinum Club Brochure (PDF 327KB). Refer to our enrolment page for information on how to apply for a place in Platinum Club.