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Well-being team

A safe and supportive environment is conducive to successful learning. Student health and welfare are a priority at Wyndham College. The Wellbeing Framework for Schools supports the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.

The well-being team provides many avenues of support and aims to ensure that every student is known, valued and cared for. Use the links provided as well as checking in with the well-being team. The well-being team consists of Head Teacher Welfare, Year Advisers, Deputies, Principal, Chaplain, Social Worker and School Counsellor who meet each week to ensure that all students are provided with the support that is needed for them to reach their potential.

Students are also allocated a mentor teacher whom they meet with every day during Connect time to act as their personal guide at Wyndham College. Read the Well-Being Policy for more information.

Social Workers

Wyndham College has social worker students from Western Sydney University on staff ready to support students at the point of need. The school social work role is unique in its approach as it focuses on the student in the school environment in order to facilitate successful learning outcomes through the relief of distress, the removal of barriers or inequities, and the development of safe and inclusive schools and communities.

Our social worker students run a breakfast club for students who would like to attend and meditation and relaxation sessions each week as well as organising the food pantry and hampers including toiletries. 

Be You Program 

Wyndham College runs the Be You program throughout Year 11 and 12. Be You aims to transform Australia’s approach to supporting children’s and young people’s mental health in schools. 

The program offers a flexible, whole learning community approach to well-being through 5 modules endorsed by Beyond Blue

Life Ready Program 

Wyndham College delivers the Life Ready Program to Years 11 and 12. This is a mandatory 25-hour course designed to prepare and support senior students as they encounter situations related to health and safety as they become more independent and gain more responsibilities.

It focuses on offering opportunities for students to build the functional knowledge and skills for life post school.

Streetsmart Program 

Wyndham College provides opportunities for students to participate in the Streetsmart program which aims to assist young people through the sometimes complex issues which confront their lives.

Neighbourhood Watch Australiasia together with NSW Police have put together the Streetsmart Handbook for students to reference any time they want.

Useful Links 

  • Beyond Blue - support with anxiety, depression and suicide prevention 
  • Reachout -  helps under 25s with everyday questions through to tough times
  • Kidshelpline - free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.
  • Black Dog Institute - A free, online mental health tool that works around your schedule. 
  • Headspace - centres around Australia can help with mental and physical health, alcohol and other drugs, and work and study. Visits are free and confidential.
  • esafety.gov.au website - a comprehensive, dynamic and interactive online safety hub for Australians.
  • Child Safety Handbook - NSW Police Legacy produced this resource emphasising prevention.
  • Our Local is a website for young people to find opportunities, activities, services and events in their area. 
  • Care & Connect on this page, you'll learn how to care for yourself and look out for others.
  • Community Resource Network - ACL is a directory of local community service providers for food, shelter, help etc
  • Habit Tracker Bullet - allows you to track and input good habits to help organise your life and develop good routines. 
  • Study Stack - help memorise information by creating flash cards that can be studied and used to develop games and activities.
  • Say it Out Loud - LGBTQ+ communities. Healthy relationships, help for unhealthy relationships and support their friends

Self-care Apps & Tools

  • Skillbot App - assists young people transitioning to independent living and helps with some of the common, and sometimes unusual, queries they have. 
  • Smiling MInd - a mindfulness meditation app. Helps to manage stress, resilience, anxiety, depression & general health.
  • Niggle - online personalised information, videos, podcasts, quizzes and tips to help you tame your niggles.
  • Worry Time - app to help control everyday stress and anxiety by acting as a space to store your daily worries.
  • Breathe - app to help control breathing and measure heart rate in real time using the camera in your phone. This helps address the onset of physical symptoms of stress.
  • Reachout Apps - a menu of over 50 apps to help manage your mental health.
  • My Compass - a personalised self help tool to help manage your mental health and organisation.
  • Chilling out - a selection of strategies to choose from to help you relax and chill out.
  • Relaxation exercises - offers a range of relaxation exercises that can refocus your attention, clear your mind and slow down your body to help put things in.
  • Flora - stay focused and manage your screen time via virtual garden. Each time you put your phone down, Flora plants a seed and a tree begins to grow. The less time you use your phone, the better your garden grows.
  • 7 Minute Workout -  offers daily workouts that are designed to get your heart rate up and clear the mind.
  • My Fitness Pal - Track calories, break down ingredients, and log activities with MyFitnessPal.

Stride Safe Place

Stride is a drop-in centre in the heart of Blacktown city centre to provide a safe and supportive space for residents struggling with mental health issues.

The Safe Space service is open between 3pm and 9pm four days a week (Wednesday to Saturday in Blacktown), providing a secure and welcoming environment for people experiencing psychological distress.

Open to those aged 16 years and above, the service is targeted at reducing hospital emergency department presentations by offering alternative support for people at low risk.

Trained mental health staff are available to immediately assess those who visit and help with planning ongoing support.

Safe Space is located at 24 Panorama Parade in Blacktown and is open Wednesday to Saturday, 3pm to 9pm.

For more information: www.stride.com.au or call 1300 001 907.