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STEM facilities

STEM subjects are quickly becoming a focal point for schools as more and more career pathways are being created that utilise these skills. Wyndham is proud to offer a number of facilities that support and encourage students to participate in courses within this field. 

Computer labs

Wyndham has six fully functioning computer labs spread across 4 blocks.

Each lab is capable of catering to an entire class as well as providing desk space for students to use their own device with the College wi-fi network.

Several of our labs are purposely designed with specific courses in mind. C12 has been set up to resemble an office space for our students completing their Certificate II in Business Services. D07 better known as the design centre has been furnished to assist our industrial design and technology students complete their major projects. The computers are all equipped with the latest Adobe suite software and the room even has a 3D printer. 

P04 satellite lab

All the computers in our labs are regularly maintained and updated so as to ensure the best equipment is provided to support student learning. 

D07 design centre

C10 computer lab

C12 office

 Laboratory spaces 

Our science laboratories are equipped to enhance learning in a number of courses such as: physics, chemistry, biology, investigating science, marine studies and agriculture. 

This equipment gives our budding scientists a hands on practical approach to their courses through a range of experiments. 

Our laboratory spaces and all the equipment used by our students is carefully monitored and maintained by a qualified laboratory assistant to ensure safety for our students at all times.