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Assessment and reporting

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to assess student learning.

Teachers observe students' work in class and look closely at tasks throughout the year. They also formally assess a student's achievement based on the outcomes described in the syllabus of the subject.

As a parent or carer, you’ll receive a written report twice a year. It gives you a clear picture of your child’s achievements – what they know and can do.

In Years 7 to 10, we use the common grade scale in reporting. In Year 11, we use the Preliminary grade scale.


We provide detailed information to students about what we expect from them throughout the year and how their work will be assessed. Students have a number of formal assessments throughout their schooling.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are assessed on achievement of competencies.

Please refer to the Wyndham College Assessment Handbooks below and make sure you are planning and preparing for each task.

Students should also refer to the 2021 HSC Rules and procedures to ensure they understand all NESA requirements.


Examinations occur each year for Year 11 and Year 12 respectively at Wyndham College. Check the calendar on Sentral to confirm dates each year. Exam timetables will be published in the events section of this website.

During these times classes are suspended for that year group (with the exception of Technical and vocational education and training (TVET and accelerated courses).

Examinations take place in the Hall or Gym and students with disabilities provisions use the designated demountable rooms. Disability provisions needs to have been applied for and accepted before any examination period.

Students are to wear full school uniform to examinations. They must bring their student ID card and display it on their desk. An attendance slip is filled out by each student just prior to the commencement of each examination. Mobile phones are to be switched off and left in the student’s bag. Students should be discouraged from making trips to the toilet while the examination is in progress. Students must stay in the examination room for the full duration of the examination.

The assessment appeals process

You should complete an illness misadventure form in the following circumstances:

  • you are prevented from attending any form of assessment task (including examinations) due to illness or unforeseen misadventure
  • you consider that your performance in an assessment task (including examinations) has been affected by illness or misadventure during the assessment task.

If you were absent from the task this form must be completed and submitted immediately upon your return to school. The treatment of assessment tasks or exams affected by illness or misadventure and illness or misadventure forms can be found in the College assessment policies.

If you have a major problem on the morning of the examination:

Notify your Year Deputy or the front office on 02 9208 7100 as soon as possible, and make an illness or misadventure application as soon as you return to school.

All illness or misadventure appeals require a medical certificate.

Missed examinations will be rescheduled during the examination period.

If you consider that your performance in an assessment task has been affected by illness or misadventure immediately before or during the assessment task, you must make your teacher aware of your intention to lodge an appeal prior to the commencement of the task.

ATAR Information


A reminder that following the announcement by NESA that 2020 HSC results will be released at 6am on Friday 18 December, ATARs will be released at 9am on Friday 18 December – the same day as HSC results – once again giving students time to finalise their preferences for December Round 2 on Wednesday 23 December.

You'll need your Year 12 student number and UAC PIN to log in. When you view your ATAR, download and save your official 2020 ATAR Advice Notice. It's free until 28 February 2021: after that you will need to buy it through the UAC Shop at a cost of $58.


UAC is once again operating its ATAR Enquiry Centre for students who have queries about the calculation of their ATAR. Days are as follows:

  • Fri 18 December, 8.30am–6pm
  • Sat 19 December, 8.30am–4.30pm
  • Mon 21 December, 8.30am–4.30pm
  • Tue 22 December, 8.30am–4.30pm

UAC Information


The most important offer rounds for Year 12 students are:

  • December Round 2 – Wednesday 23 December
  • January Round 1 – Friday 8 January 2021.

Not all courses will be offered in December Round 2, and applicants should check UAC’s website for details of excluded courses before they finalise their course preferences. Please note, the Australian National University (ANU) will not be participating in December Round 2.

Students whose results are not available in time for December Round 2 can be assured that they will not be disadvantaged – universities will still have places available to make offers to all courses in January Round 1.

Open days

Many institutions are offering virtual open days for 2020, others are offering online tours and information sessions instead.

UAC has gathered the latest information about institution Open Days in one place to help students easily plan the events they'd like to participate in.