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Community organisations play an important role in delivering services and programs to the community that frequently focus on improving the opportunities and resources available to Wyndham College students and their families. Wyndham College engages university partners, social justice partners and education partners.

Partnerships between Wyndham College and community organisations provide an opportunity for services and resources to be more accessible and delivered more efficiently. By partnering with community organisations, we have the ability to plan and develop programs that assist our students.

Examples of benefits include:

• Supporting College staff by making them aware of community services and activities that can provide students, and their families, with specialist support aimed at keeping students connected at Wyndham College.

• Engaging community services to bring a holistic, coordinated and targeted approach to redressing disadvantage within our school and the community.

• Contribute to the learning outcomes for the HSC

• An opportunity to link curriculum options to Vocational Education and Training (VET) requirements

• Assist in the delivery of programs that support key transition periods for children and young people entering or leaving Wyndham College.

• Enables Wyndham College to utilise the skills and expertise of community organisations.