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People often ask, “If we have the internet, why do we still need librarians and libraries?”

It’s true that the information landscape has changed. It is easier than ever to create a work and publish it to the world and with a tap of a button, we access information from anywhere at any time. But actually, that’s why librarians are more vital than ever.

The library is like a candy store where students can find a new novel, make a new product, or chase their curiosity.

In a world of constant noise and shallow distraction, libraries are a refuge where teenagers grow in wisdom.

Librarians inspire creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and systems thinking. In other words, they help our children become the kind of people we want them to be.

Here are some of the things librarians do:

  1. Guide Students: through Information Literacy: In an age of instant information, librarians help students learn to ask better questions, find valid sources, and deconstruct the information. Take a quick glance at Facebook and you’ll see people falling for fake news and failing to understand media bias. We are in desperate need of media literacy and librarians are the ones best poised to make this a reality.

  1. Model the Curation Process: Librarians teach students the art and science of content curation, where they learn to connect ideas from multiple sources and apply a unique lens to the information. Content curation has become a critical skill in an age of instant information and librarians are often the ones with the most practice in this area.
  2. Inspire Passionate Readers: They ignite a passion for learning, whether a student is geeking out on an informational text or getting lost in a fantastical world of fiction.
  3. Develop Divergent Thinking: Librarians inspire students to think divergently and experiment with innovative ideas. The best libraries are spaces with a free exchange of ideas.
  4. Cultivate Creativity: Using design thinking, librarians can help students engage in research and development as they create empathy-driven design products. A.J. and I both added two sections to design thinking (in the LAUNCH Cycle) that included inquiry and research. Since then, we’ve seen countless librarians empowering students to own this process. Along the way, they learn systems thinking and project management, which are both critical skills in just about every industry.

Technology Use

The Library has excellent wifi and provides desktop computers and laptops available for genuine school work and study only. Students may use their Library card to borrow a laptop to use in the Library only from the circulation desk. 

Students must leave their Library card with libray staff at the desk then retrieve their card when the laptop is returned in good condition. Students who do not bring a Library card may use the desktop computers only. Students may also bring your own device to connect to the free Wi-Fi (DETNSW) in the Library using your DET login and password. Desktop computers are for genuine work, study and research only. Students need to use their own headphones when accessing audio visual material on computers.