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Collaborative spaces

Promoting a culture of well-being

  • tactile puzzles to help divert and relax the mind
  • stress balls and squishies to help relieve tension
  • fiddle toys to help calm and focus
  • lava and sand movement resources help to regulate emotions
  • LED candles to create an ambient and clam environment
  • kinesthetic learning bike to improve concentration and engagement.

Soft seating and beanbags

  • bean bags for reading and relaxing
  • bean bag beds
  • comfortable chairs with arms
  • floor space for working on the floor
  • ottomans for seating and tables
  • textured and sensory sequined cushions.

Student focused

  • flexible spaces allowing students to work the way they work best
  • quiet zones, collaborative zones, independent zones, class zones
  • improved acoustics and supervision sight lines with glass screen.

  • Reading for recreation and positive mental health
  • time and place to rest, re-energise and self care.

Kinesthetic learning bike and well-being

  • "Kinesthetic" - motion desks allow students to be in motion while they learn!
  • This is not exercise equipment - this is an entire methodology that allows students to have more control of their study and work through an experience that may be more conductive to learning than traditional methods.
  • This equipment enhances student well - being as students can move while they work.
  • Kinesthetic learning supports enhanced focus and promotoes feel good emotions in students.