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Award system

The Wyndham College student award scheme seeks to identify and reward students who make significant and positive contributions in: leadership, citizenship, behaviour, extra-curricular, sport, uniform, attendance or academic success.

Students can track their own positive incidences online in the student Sentral portal under the well-being tab. Students will automatically receive a certificate from the school when the appropriate award points have been accrued.

The Wyndham awards scheme is a method of:

  • rewarding students for sustained effort and achievement of excellence
  • encouraging all students to do their best
  • developing and maintaining a cooperative and supportive atmosphere among teachers, students and parents
  • keeping a record of students positive incidents for school references and university or job applications.

Wyndham awards

Award system

Any time a teacher gives verbal praise that is commendable enough to be commented on, that could be recorded on Sentral as a positive incident. Additionally, things that a teacher wants to privately recognise and quietly appreciate can also be logged. 

Letters can be printed and handed to student, posted home or logged if preferred. This should be ongoing and regular by all teachers in order to help students develop a portfolio that identifies their strengths and achievements. Positive incidents also appear in the student portal under Wellbeing. Students are encouraged to check this and monitor their own progress. 

Under the 'Wellbeing' section, then green tab titled 'positive incidents'. You then pick the relevant category of academic, attendance, behaviour, extra-curricular, uniform, sport, citizenship, leadership. 

Wyndham certificates

Award system

The system is comprised on the premise of:

  • 5 positive incidents = bronze award
  • 15 positive incidents = silver award
  • 30 positive incidents = gold award
  • 45 positive incidents = diamond award.

Positive incidents are anything that teachers and staff see as positive. they can be from a wide array of reasons to report something positive.