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Environment & sustainability


Our campus is immersed in bushland, featuring native gardens and a natural creek which provide constant opportunities to experience the impact that we have on our environment.

The school community has a strong bond with nature and by making it part of who we are, we are empowered to respect and care for it. The environment committee at Wyndham College have taken their vision of holistic education and applied it to the architecture of our green school and have implemented many initiatives to ensure our grounds are beautiful, sustainable and reflect our core values. 

To build an appreciation of sustainability, our students start small by thinking locally, they reacquaint themselves with the environment and rebuild their relationship through initiatives including:

  • bush care
  • creek watch and revive
  • rain water tanks
  • native planting and gardening
  • vegetable gardening
  • composting and soil management.


Western Sydney is home to about 1 in every 11 Australians, it has the third largest economy in Australia and one of the fastest growing populations in the country. We are intersected and surrounded by water-ways and bounded by the world famous Blue Mountains. Western Sydney is also rich in cultural diversity and we speak over 100 different languages.

But like the rest of the world Western Sydney is rapidly changing. The gap in social inequality is increasing. We have increasing housing and urbanisation pressures, transport gridlocks, higher unemployment than the national average and a steady loss of agricultural land, riparian zones, bushland and biodiversity. As our climate changes - and it is changing through human induced actions - it has been projected that Western Sydney will experience more frequent hot days, fewer cold nights, changing rainfall patterns and a greater incidence of severe fires.

This will impact everyone and everything that lives here. There will be increased health risks for the young and old, greater variability in our food production systems, increased loss of plants and animals and less water flowing through our rivers and in our wetlands. This future is going to be ours to deal with. No single person has the answer and no one person can solve all these problems. We need collaborations, we need youth leadership, we need innovative and new ways of thinking, doing and learning. - Western Sydney Matters

The United Nations sustainability goals give our school a framework to help us think about these challenges both locally for Wyndham College as well as globally. Western Sydney is our home and we want our students to be part of its future. Wyndham College is committed to sustainable education through our curriculum, policies, programs and ethical work place practises.

Please read the Sustainable Schools NSW newsletter for more information.

Wyndham College Environmental Team

The Wyndham Environmental Team have been working hard creating 'Discovery Gardens' from staff donations of seeds from the Woolworths promotion. Checkout the latest 'beets' found in the Agriculture Garden along with our first batch of 'coffee ground' mix.