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Why wear a uniform?

Wyndham College is a uniform school. All students must wear the specified school uniform and adhere to work, health and safety regulations especially regarding footwear. Uniform is collaboratively determined and is managed by the Wyndham College Uniform Committee. Students must wear their uniform and carry their student ID at all times as this provides identification for security on a campus that also provides for TAFE and University students. Wyndham College does not have gates or fences and only students in school uniform are permitted on school grounds. Please read about the consequences of not wearing full school uniform (PDF 374KB) at Wyndham College.

Buying a Uniform

The School Locker shop located at Wyndham College on Eastern Road past E Block is open:

  • Tuesday: 7.30am - 10:30am
  • Thursday: 1:30pm - 4pm.

Students should wear

• black leather enclosed shoes

• (Girls) blue collared blouse with school emblem and school skirt or black tailored pants (not jeans, trackpants or leggings)

• (Boys) blue collared shirt with school emblem and black trousers (not jeans or trackpants) or shorts (can be worn in Terms 1 and 4 only)

• white socks (unless under long pants, then black)

• minimal safe jewellery

• black school jacket and or jumper

• only plain white undershirts to be worn.

Only zip style school black boys trousers and shorts or girls black tailored pants purchased from the uniform shop are acceptable.

Note: caps, beanies etc should not be worn inside buildings.

Year 12 senior jacket

Year Advisers will liaise with Year 11 students to develop a jacket design that is unique to the cohort. Students can then then place an order with the Year Advisers in Term 2 who will organise to have the jackets custom made. Students may choose an appropriate nickname for their jacket. All nicknames must be approved by Year Advisers. Jackets will usually arrive in Term 4 or early in Term 1 and may be worn throughout Year 12.