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Wyndham Dance provides students with the opportunity to be engaged, motivated, stay fit, creative, artistic and have fun whilst studying at Wyndham College. 

The approach to the training of each student in dance results in a well-trained and healthy dancer that works within their own bodies capabilities and limitations so that every student can feel as though they are achieving their best. 


Each student’s journey at Wyndham College is individual and we aim to support, guide and assist them to be the best they can be. 

Dance is a visual art form that is about the lines created with the body, Dynamic energies explored and self expression, to evoke emotion in an audience through conveying a concept or story or just for dance sake. It requires constant perfecting and work to improve body control, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility etc. At Wyndham College we work with the students to motivate, mentor and drive students to achieve better. 

We currently provide extra curricular opportunities to students at Wyndham in Dance that allow them to perform within our community, in theatres, at school and in professional environments. The Wyndham College Dance Ensemble meets every Friday to rehearse and prepare for these performances. 

The subjects offered at Wyndham College involving Dance are as follows:

  • Dance
  • Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching
  • Classical Ballet


Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching is being offered as a subject that dance students can study in Year 11 & 12. It has been offered for the first time at Wyndham College in 2020. This course provides opportunities for students to be involved in the hands on teaching of dance within our community and provides students with a nationally accredited qualification from TAFE (Certificate III)  that can be used in the dance teaching world once exiting high school. 

In addition to several units of competency, students must complete a minimum of 70hrs industry relevant work placement over the duration of the course. In order to achieve this we utilise contacts within the community such as primary schools, local dance schools and day care centres to provide students with an optimum chance to experience a variety of work place environments. 


  • Schools Spectacular​
  • Synergy Dance Festival
  • Blacktown Festival of the Arts
  • PULSE 
  • Dance OFF Dance Camp
  • Dance OFF Troupe
  • State Dance Festival
  • MADD Performing Arts Evening
  • Assembly performances
  • Graduation performances


Some dance graduates from Wyndham College are now enjoying further study in full-time dance schools, colleges or dance teaching. Some of these schools include but are not limited to: Brent Street Full-time, The Village on Broadway, Academy of Music and Performing Arts, The Australian College of Physical Education, Macquarie University, University of NSW. 

Successful professional careers are being developed with companies such as Tiny Toes ballet, local dance schools as well as students furthering their studies to become High School Dance teachers.


In 2019 Wyndham College received 6 nominations for Callback

Callback is recognition of exemplary performances in the HSC Practical Dance Exam. The following students were successful in being nominated in the following areas:

  • Emily McKenzie – Core Composition
  • Taylor Scott – Core Composition
  • Ramt Trinidad – Core Composition and Major Compostion
  • Erin Wilson – Core Performance and Major Performance

Wyndham College has also received nominations for Callback in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

In 2014 Lotus Rana a dance student at Wyndham College received a mark of 99 in the HSC Dance exam and was ranked 4th in the state.

Recent and regular performances and attendance at Synergy Dance Festival, PULSE, Schools Spectacular, Dance OFF Dance camp, ​Blacktown Festival of the Arts

2013 China Tour 


Lotus Rana - a mark of 99 and 4th in the state for HSC dance in 2014. Ballet teacher at Tiny Toes and Ballet School Australia (2015-2019) and completed Bachelor of Marketing and Media at Macquarie University 2019.

Brendan Campbell - Owner of Vogue Dance Studio 

Marnie Harriss - Currently teaching jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and lyrical in a local dance school, trained and currently teaching ready set dance (a preschool dance program), accredited and currently coaching in Australian All Stars Cheer

Nadia Krygsman - Brent Street Full-time

Emily McKenzie - Academy of Music and Performing Arts (associate degree of music majoring in musical Theatre)

Dannielle Morais - High School Dance/PDHPE Teacher - Australian College of Physical Education

Bree McNamara - Currently Studying to be a High School Dance/PDHPE Teacher - Australian College of Physical Education

Kristin Martin - The Village on Broadway full-time & Membership Advisor at UFC Gym 

Rachelle Perceval - Completed Bachelors Degree at Macquarie University (Human sciences majoring in public health and community services, Dance teaching (3-12 years), Professional Cheerleading, Currently working in Marketing.

Taylor Scott - Tiny Toes Ballet School Teacher

Jai-Lee Talbot - Owner of Full Force Dance & Cheer

Breannon Thompson - Dance Teacher. Completed module one certificate in acrobatics arts, and currently teaching private technical coaching, dance sessions at school holiday posh care, acrobatics, aerial circus arts, jazz, cheer, tumbling, ready set dance, lyrical. 


If you would like to find out more please contact Sarah Minol for more information:

Sarah Minol



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