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Academic support

Study periods

All students at Wyndham College have study periods. During these sessions it is expected that students will make use of the College Library, Learning Hub or school grounds to complete school work or study. Some teachers may be available for consultation by appointment in the top of 'B' block. Students may come to school late or leave early if they have a study period first session or last session, but otherwise must remain on school grounds during the day. Students must use their ID card to swipe in and out of the college if arriving late or leaving early.


Some faculties hold tutorials sessions after school to provide students with extra help. Please read Wyndham Whispers newsletters for times and dates.


Edrolo online resoures are a subscription service that Wyndham College has purchased for students to help with course work and study. Please use these online teacher lectures and interactive lessons regularly.


Moodle is a free open source learning platform provided by Wyndham College. Students can work and learn together in forums, wikis and much more. Moodle encourages self reflection and peer assessment with dedicated tools. Students can get feedback through polls and surveys as well as access courses created by staff for HSC students to help maximise their learning.


Clickview is an online film and documentary subscription that the school has purchased to help students view audiovisual content as part of their coursework in an ethical manner. 


Studiosity - study help, anywhere. Use your Blacktown Library card number to find your free access to this online personal study tutor. Because personal feedback improves chances for academic success; students who use Studiosity do better.

Holiday workshops and tutorials

To further assist Year 12 students' preparation for the HSC, many teachers volunteer their valuable time to facilitate additional lessons,  workshops and tutorials at Wyndham College after school and during the holidays. Whilst attendance is not compulsory, it is recommended. These workshops constitute excellent preparation for the HSC trial examinations and the HSC examinations.

Workshops will be running at the school, with times determined by staff availability. Please find below a link to the timetable of scheduled lessons. Parents are responsible for student transport to and from the school for these workshops. School buses will not operate.

The starting and ending times for each workshop are subject to change and students should be guided by their teachers with regard to the duration of these workshops.

We would like to acknowledge the commitment of these teachers towards their students, as these additional lessons are above the teaching award requirement.

Fast Forward program (Western Sydney University)

The Fast Forward program is a a partnership between Western Sydney University and Western Sydney high schools which helps students to see the value of continuing their education through to Year 12 and beyond.

Fast Forward is a highly successful program at Wyndham College and has offered many of our students enhanced academic and personal opportunities. We encourage all students who are considering applying for university or further education in the future to participate in the program.

For more information speak to Wyndham College Year Advisers or the Careers staff. 

Fast Forward students

Fast Forward excursion