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Academic support

Study sessions

All students at Wyndham College have several study study sessions a week. During these sessions it is expected that students will make use of the College Library, Learning Hub or school grounds to complete school work or study. Teaching staff may be available for consultation by appointment in the top of 'B' block. 

Students may come to school late or leave early if they have a study period first session or last session, but otherwise must remain on school grounds during the day. Students must use their ID card to swipe in and out of the college if arriving late or leaving early.


Edrolo online resoures are a subscription service that Wyndham College has purchased for students to help with course work and study. Please use these online teacher lectures and interactive lessons regularly. Activation instructions for teachers and students using Edrolo. EDROLO requires Google Chrome to operate

Year 11 Edrolo access is live

Activate Edrolo accounts by following the prompts at www.edrolo.com.au/activate/yja-pfc 

P.S. The 6-digit-code for your school is yja-pfc

This is the crucial first step – students can only study once logged in!

Those who used Edrolo last year can head straight to edrolo.com.au and click on "Login" in the top right corner.

Implement Edrolo into your learning by :

  • using the clips for pre-learning or consolidation of learning as part of class and home tasks
  • completing questions available on Edrolo to gauge the level of understanding of dot points and course concepts.
  • using the guided instruction clips on how to approach and answer past HSC questions
  • assisting to prepare and plan for Assessment Tasks through receiving feedback and individualized instruction.

For help or troubleshooting:

  • Didn't receive the confirmation email?

    Double check your spam/junk folder. If not there, please head back to the link in step one and try again (you may have mistyped your email address).

  • I have an account, but I can't remember my password!  Simply head to our reset password page.

  • If you have any other issues, email help@edrolo.com and the friendly Edrolo Support Team will help you out.


The brand new HSC hub contains high-quality, on-demand resources for students to help them prepare for their exams.

Aligned to NSW syllabuses, the hub is a carefully curated central repository for items created by the NSW Department of Education, including Aurora College and WooTube. There is also third party material available.  

Find video lessons and other resources for your HSC subjects. Select a learning area to browse or use the search bar to drill down to specific material.

New material is being added regularly from both the department and external providers to make sure that you have the support you need this year.

Students should follow the advice of their teachers when choosing material.​

Goal Hub

Goalhub is a Learning Relationship Management Platform that enables individuals to build resilience in partnership with their support networks. The platform empowers students to determine their education, training and employment pathways through goal setting, personalised learning, planning, coaching and mentoring.

Goalhub enables an individual to be at the centre of their learning and employment pathway. Students should use their school email address as their username to log on then the password is "goalhub". This password should be changed immediately in the edit profile tab.

It’s easy in Year 11 & 12 to only focus on school, but if you’re only thinking about HSC goal setting for school, then you run the risk of burning out. When setting goals use the 4 catagories:

  • Academic
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Family & Friends
  • Carers

ClickView films and documentaries

ClickView provides online streaming of films and documentaries.

The school has purchased this subscription to ensure that students have access to high quality HSC films and documentaries listed in the syllabus.

Audio visual content is also available for research, extension and enrichment of the curriculum. Students and staff may log on to their own personal ClickView accounts through ClickView Online using their school username, email and password. 

After school or holiday workshops and tutorials

To further assist students' preparation for the HSC, many teachers volunteer their valuable time to facilitate additional lessons,  workshops and tutorials at Wyndham College after school and during the holidays. Whilst attendance is not compulsory, it is recommended. These workshops constitute excellent preparation for the HSC trial examinations and the HSC examinations.

Workshops will be running at the school, with times determined by staff availability.  Parents are responsible for student transport to and from the school for these workshops. School buses will not operate.

The starting and ending times for each workshop are subject to change and students should be guided by their teachers with regard to the duration of these workshops.

We would like to acknowledge the commitment of these teachers towards their students, as these additional lessons are above the teaching award requirement.

Please read Wyndham Whispers newsletters for times and dates as well as reading student daily notices on Sentral and checking the Wyndham College Facebook page. 

We would like to acknowledge the commitment of these teachers towards their students, as these additional lessons are above the teaching award requirement.

Please read Wyndham Whispers newsletters for times and dates as well as reading student daily notices on Sentral and checking the Wyndham College Facebook page. 


Moodle is a free open source learning platform provided by Wyndham College. Students can work and learn together in forums, wikis and much more.

Moodle encourages self reflection and peer assessment with dedicated tools. Students can get feedback through polls and surveys as well as access courses created by staff for HSC students to help maximise their learning.


Studiosity - study help, anywhere. Use your Blacktown Library card number to find your free access to this online personal study tutor.

Because personal feedback improves chances for academic success; students who use Studiosity do better.

Please speak to the Wyndham College Library staff if you need help to access this resource.

Fast Forward program (Western Sydney University)

The Fast Forward program is a a partnership between Western Sydney University and Western Sydney high schools which helps students to see the value of continuing their education through to Year 12 and beyond.

Fast Forward is a highly successful program at Wyndham College and has offered many of our students enhanced academic and personal opportunities. We encourage all students who are considering applying for university or further education in the future to participate in the program.


In 2021, Western will continue to fund and provide students in the Fast Forward program with complimentary access to Studiosity, an online study and support resource. Studiosity's 24/7 on-demand study services helps enable students to access real-time online study support - from Subject Specialists or Student Mentors through to assisting with academic literacy skills and core subjects. We will provide you with your complimentary digital access codes for students in the Fast Forward program in Term 1. 

For more information speak to Wyndham College Year Advisers or the Careers staff. Join the Google Classroom using this code s62am42.

Fast Forward students

Fast Forward Year 12 Conference 

Virtual Event

Friday 26 February 2021


We would like to remind you that registrations are currently open for the Fast Forward Year 12 Conference virtual event on Friday 26 February 2021. This event is designed for Year 12 Fast Forward students to prepare for what’s beyond Year 12. 

Spaces are filling up fast. Students must register to attend by Monday 15 February. School staff attending the virtual conference must also register to attend.

We have a full program in store for students and teachers, including:

  • a keynote address by Professor James Arvanitakis, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) who was awarded the Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year and is a regular on ABC The Drum and ABC News 24
  • 30 sessions on Western courses and areas of interest to explore
  • discovering multiple career options and opportunities 

Students need to select their top 3 sessions by exploring the course and session information page for career and course areas of interest. Register below to secure your spot and confirm the 3 sessions you would most like to attend.

Former Fast Forward participants will be on hand to talk about their university experience, and the day would not be complete without prize giveaways!



Fast Forward excursion

Fast Forward Online Hub

While we wait for conditions to improve when we can physically be in your schools, and you and your students can come back onto campus, the Fast Forward Online Hub allows your school to access a wealth of useful, informative and engaging resources, such as videos and activities to share with your students. Information and on-demand webinars on topics such as Scholarships, Pathways, Study Skills, Preparing For Life Beyond High School, Subject Selection and Future Planning. You can access the Hub below:


Discover Western Webinar Series

The Discover Western Webinar Series features live and on-demand webinars by our staff and current students. They provide key information to prospective students, teachers and parents to assist students on their journey to success. 

Discover Western Webinars - Subject Selection, Careers and Courses

When: Monday 22 - Thursday 25 February 2021

Time: 5pm and 6pm

  • Teaching & Education, Interpreting & Translation, Arts and International Studies
  • Business & Accounting, Law, Tourism & Urban Planning
  • Social Sciences, Social Work, Psychology, Criminology, Policing
  • Sport Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery
  • Music, Creative Industries & Communication
  • Cyber Security, Computing, Data Science, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship

Visit the Discover Western Webinars page for further information on all webinars (including on-demand content). Register your students to secure their spot.  



If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact:

Fast Forward, Engagement Marketing

E: westernengagement@westernsydney.edu.au
W: www.westernsydney.edu.au/ff