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Driving to school

Wyndham College provides students the opportunity of driving or being driven to the College on the Nirimba Education Precinct.

Students are not permitted to drive or carry passengers unless the appropriate school forms have been completed.  These forms also state specific rules about the use of the shared St John Paul II or Wyndham staff and visitor car park.  These rules are to:

  • drive responsibly and carefully when entering and leaving the Nirimba Education Precinct (example, no noise)
  • park in the lower section of the car park
  • not loiter in the car park before, during and after school hours
  • to use car parking zones in the correct manner.

Students are reminded that driving to and from school, plus being allowed to use the College staff or visitor car park is a privilege. Students who do not adhere to their driving and passenger commitment will lose this privilege. 

Students are also reminded that the Precinct Security has the authority to fine drivers for the following breaches. Parking on the road or access lane, standing zones, on grass and driving contrary to the regulations.

Please make sure that you leave plenty of room for others when parking and open your car door carefully to avoid accidents. Respect other cars in the car park at all times and do not leave any rubbish in the area. 

With increasing enrolments between the Colleges and subsequently increasing numbers of students seeking driving privileges there will be a need in the future for the students to use the car park near the ovals. This car park had been allocated for the students in the original planning of the Precinct. 

Note that the car park at the end of 'E' Block (opposite the pool) is staff parking only.

Download a copy of our driver registration form (PDF 86KB)

Staff, parent and student car park