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Attendance and Connect

Student attendance

Wyndham College encourages students to develop positive attendance patterns, which will be continued into the workforce. To achieve course outcomes, students need attend regularly and be punctual to classes.

It is recommended that students attend a minimum of 90% of all scheduled classes.

If students do not meet attendance requirements they may be reported to the Deputy Principal to be placed on academic review, unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Students must bring a note if they are ill unable to attend school for any reason. Truancy is not tolerated and the consequences for deliberately missing class are noted in the flowchart below.

Student ID (identification) cards 

All students will be issued with a student ID in the first few weeks of starting school. Please use Year 10 student ID cards until new cards arrive. The photo identification card and must be carried by students at all times when on the Precinct for security purposes. 

Students may come to school late or leave early if they have a study period first session or last session, but otherwise must remain on school grounds during the day.

The ID card can be used to swipe in to the College if arriving to school late or to swipe out to leave early during early or late study periods. Students must remain on campus during Sessions 2 and 3. The ID card is also a Library and printing card.

Students who lose their ID card must fill out an application for a new card at the front office at the cost of $10.

Connect sessions

Connect is conducted every morning after recess for 10 minutes. It is essential that all students are prompt to Connect as this is the official roll call and it is important for the roll to be marked accurately. Daily notices are also read in this time and important information can be issued to students through the Connect session. All students are required to attend Connect, even if they have a study session timetabled for session 1 or 2.

Connect is a mentoring program which was introduced to the College in 2013. Students will be teamed with mentor teachers, who will also be their roll call teachers. This creates a connection every day.

Extended Connect sessions are held on conference days. These allow the Connect teacher to continue to build a mentoring rapport with their students. The rapport which will be created between students and teachers will, hopefully, be a strong one and will last for the time that the student attends Wyndham College.

Connect teachers usually read the daily notices to their Connect Group. These notices also appear each day on the Sentral dashboard in the student portal. These notices provide students with important information about expectations and opportunities for students.