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Evacuation and lockdown

Emergency procedures

Evacuation procedures 

In the case of an emergency situation there will be a continuous slow rising siren to notify the College to evacuate.

It is necessary that buildings be evacuated in an orderly manner. All students and staff are to leave the buildings as quickly as possible and move to the emergency muster area along the road between the guard house and the water towers at the front of the precinct.

Signs clearly show exit points and directions. People in the hall, gym, performance space and B, C, D & E block and the portables should proceed to the muster area via Eastern Road.

Teachers should instruct students to use the nearest available emergency exit and move, in an orderly manner, out of the building to the emergency muster area. Students must take bags with them and should walk as quickly as possible to the designated area. The teacher is to be the last person to leave the room. The door should be closed and, if practicable, locked.

Each student should report to their emergency roll marking position (Roll numbers are painted on the top of the concrete gutter in the colour of the roll groups) and line up in alphabetical order, have his / her name marked on the roll, remain in line and wait quietly.Teachers collect rolls from the guard house on the way to meeting their students in their emergency roll marking area. Absent students will be crosschecked on the evacuation report.  Missing students and staff are to be notified to the Principal.

On arrival of emergency services (eg fire brigade) only the Principal, DP’s and security staff are to liaise with the Chief. The Principal or nominee will authorise return to the buildings and the resumption of normal routine. 

Lockdown procedures  

A lockdown means windows and doors are locked (including external doors to the blocks) and all students and staff remain safe inside. It is indicated by a siren and automated voice for instructions.

All students and staff who are outside should move directly to the hall. A Deputy Principal will unlock the door to the hall if necessary and remain there to help in supervision.

Teachers are to remain with students in rooms or hall until the all clear siren and automated voice instructions are heard.

Emergency drills 

Emergency practise drills will be performed throughout the year with or without prior notice.