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Working together to widen horizons

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Code of conduct

The Wyndham Way

More than an education…..

  • Respect the rights and property of others
  • Be tolerant and aware of the different needs, abilities and opinions of others
  • Care for our environment – College equipment, furniture, buildings, recreation areas and the physical environment around the College
  • Participate to the best of my ability in all College activities – strive for excellence
  • Cooperate by following instructions of people in authority to promote effective learning
  • Promote a positive image of myself and my College
  • Be responsible for my actions. Be truthful, courteous, cooperate and use common sense at all times
  • Ensure the safety of all members of the College and endeavour to provide a happy and secure College
  • Wear College uniform as determined by the College community and maintain a pride in my appearance
  • Set a positive example and be a helpful member of the College and the community

This is the Wyndham Way

“Working together to widen horizons”